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Thesaurus of Russian language RuWordNet

The RuWordNet thesaurus is a thesaurus of the Russian language created in the format of well-known English thesaurus WordNet. It was constructed using semi-automatic transformation of other Russian thesaurus for natural language processing RuThes.

Currently, RuWordNet contains synsets (sets of synonyms) for nouns (single nouns and noun phrases), verbs (single verbs and verb phrases) and adjectives:

- 29297 noun synsets;

- 12865 adjective synsets;

- 7636 verb synsets.

Currently, RuWordNet thesaurus contains 111.5 thousand of unique Russian words and expressions.

Between synsets of the same part of speech, the following relations are established: hyponym-hypernym, instance-class, part-whole, antonymy relation, domain relations. For verbs synsets, cause and entailment relations are described. Also part-of-speech synonymy links are established between synsets of different parts of speech having the same meaning. Search interface of RuWordNet is located

RuWordNet thesaurus is created with the support of Russian Foundation for Humantities (project 15-04-12017v).

RuWordNet thesaurus is distributed for non-commercial use. To obtain xml-files of the thesaurus, you can write to Natalia Loukachevitch (


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